"I have worked with and hired Jo Ann Coker for over 10 years in event production and nobody quite compares to her.  She is inventive, creative, diligent, detail oriented and thinks of elements of events that I wouldn’t have considered.  She inspires a vision and knows how to follow it through to the end successfully.  This is a very sought after skill and Jo Ann has the professionalism and work ethic to get the job done.  Jo Ann not only can work magic behind the scenes, but she is an incredible dancer, teacher and DJ.  Because Jo Ann is in touch with the artistic side as well as the production side, she really can pull everything together beautifully. "


Tonya Morris, Event Producer and Owner - Camp Jitterbug 



"Jo Ann is really one-of-a-kind, and a pleasure to work with. She found our venue, organized a team, helped promote our event, and ultimately we exceeded expectations with event turn out and revenue. And she kept our vision in mind so the whole process was done on our terms. Highly recommended!" 


Parzival, Musician 



"It’s always refreshing to work with someone who has a clear vision and can help that vision come to life during the creative process. Jo Ann knew exactly what she needed for her video, helping make the entire process a seamlessly effective and efficient collaboration. Definitely looking forward to future projects with her on any one of her many creative endeavors."


Nate Watters, Photographer/Videographer